We have launched a BRAND NEW WEBSITE and are super excited to share it with you!

As a parent and pediatric dentist in Kent and Maple Valley, Dr. Raklios knows that for you, there is nothing more pressing than the safety and well-being of your child. To help you understand how to achieve maximum oral health for your child, we have partnered with Roadside Dental Marketing to build and design a website. This modern website’s focus is to make your life easier when it comes to looking after your child’s dental health.

It was important for us to provide you with a professional, easy to navigate, and attractive website that young parents would love – and that’s exactly what we did!


Just at glance, our website allows you to:

  • Call and get directions to our office on your mobile device.
  • Browse through our frequently asked questions from parents just like you
  • Get the latest updates and promotions from our office
  • Learn about our dentistry for kids and why patients love us
  • Request an appointment right on our site.

Our goal was to create an online presence that gets both parents and children hooked from the second they open the website. We really wanted to stand out as different, and we are so proud to have a website that is functional with a hip feel! Check out some of our favorite features.


Request An Appointment Online


Fill out our simple contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

We offer ultimate convenience through our appointment forms.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Easy! At the bottom of every page, we have a form you can fill out which will email our office staff, and someone will get back to you to set it up.


Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Delve through our FAQs to get your questions answered.

Nervous about your child’s first visit? That’s okay! Your children’s dentist in Kent and Maple Valley is here to make it as comfortable and smooth as possible. We have a whole FAQ section where we answer lots of questions parents have to make you feel comfortable and informed.


Get To Know Us


Learn more about Dr. Nick Raklios, our pediatric dentist in Kent and Maple Valley.

Meet our pediatric dentist in Kent and Maple Valley.

Dr. Raklios genuinely cares for each of his patients and believes the first step to supreme dental health is developing a relationship with parents and children. His dedicated doctor page is the portal into knowing our expert and caring dentist.


What do you love about our new website?

We’re curious to know your favorite parts of the website! Share them by commenting below!