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From infants to young adults, we guide tiny smiles to the great future we see in them.


Meet your Maple Valley and Kent pediatric dentist Dr. Nick Raklios.

“As a father and a working professional, I understand the concerns and wishes you have for your child’s self-development in this hectic world. We guide tiny smiles from an infant age to young adulthood.

My team and I will provide the dental care and training your children need to feel confident about their individuality throughout the difficult formative years ahead.”

Dr. Nick Raklios

Maple Valley and Kent Pediatric Dentist

Raising the Bar in Pediatric Dentistry

As a Maple Valley and Kent pediatric dentist, Dr. Nick is committed to providing excellent dental care to every child he treats by utilizing his honest, educational, and collaborative approach.

  • Dr. Nick was born and raised in Washington state. He always felt a passion for helping younger ones mature and develop their individuality.

  • Graduated first in his class from the University of Washington School of Dentistry, becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

  • Completed his post-doctoral residency at the renowned Children’s Hospital Colorado where he obtained his specialty in Pediatric Dentistry.

Passionate All Around
  • Today, Dr. Nick continues to learn the most advanced dental procedures and continues investing in modern technology to help your children grow up into successful, happy adults with lots of reasons to smile.

  • When away from the office, he cherishes quality time with his wife and young daughter. You can also find him on the golf course, skiing, in the gym, or rooting on his favorite Seattle sports teams.

Meet Dr. Kristina Durickas

Meet your Maple Valley and Kent pediatric dentist, Dr. Kristina Durickas.

“I care about all of our kids at the Cascadia family because I see them as the future potential of our efforts as a community.

We want your kids to grow up with big, happy, healthy smiles, and to treat others the way they were always treated at Cascadia.”

Dr. Kristina Durickas

Maple Valley and Kent Pediatric Dentist

Specialized Oral Health Care for Your Kids

Dr. Kristina Durickas contributes to the caring, well-educated, and collaborative spirit of Cascadia Kids Dentistry in Maple Valley and Kent with her experience working with children and their parents.

  • Dr. Kristina grew up in Massachusetts and graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University.

  • It was during her time at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry that Dr. Kristina not only learned the fine hand skills and diagnostics of the dental profession, but it was also where she discovered her passion for treating children.

  • Dr. Kristina completed her pediatric dental residency at the University of Connecticut. She has since completed the pediatric dental boards, earning her the distinction of being a board-certified pediatric dentist.

Committed to continual learning
  • Dr. Kristina strives to use her compassionate care to help children accumulate positive dental experiences so that they can grow into young adults with healthy and confident smiles.

  • She also prides herself on staying up to date on the latest techniques, materials, and technologies so that she can provide high quality, evidence-based care.

  • Outside of the dental office, you can find Dr. Kristina hiking, biking, and camping in the beautiful pacific northwest. When she is not in the woods, she also enjoys trying out new foods and relaxing with a good book.

J.M., Patient's Mom:

“My kid would never let any dentist touch his mouth before. I am SO thankful I chose to see Dr. Nick! Jimmy has been so good about brushing his teeth and flossing – without me telling him to do so!”

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Guiding the Best Smiles

Together, we can help your children unlock their personality and strengths. Are you ready to make a positive difference in your child’s development?