Cascadia Kids Dentistry Celebrates International Dog Day

On August 26th, the team at Cascadia Kids Dentistry celebrated International Dog Day! With the opportunity to share photos of our sweet pups, we jumped at the chance! From our dentists to our practice manager to our marketing team - we all loved sending in pictures of the family members that don't always get a 'bark out'.

International Dog Day


Nowadays, there are a lot of national 'days' to remember. From 'favorite pizza day' to 'wear your socks inside out day', these little reminders not to take life to seriously are a welcome distraction from some of the stress that can creep into our busy lives. The history behind International Dog Day isn't so 'silly', but really pretty awesome. Collen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and an advocate for all animals, started the day way back in 2004 (yep, before social media was a big deal). He is also an author, a dog trainer, and a conservationist.

Why August 26th?

A 10-year-old Sheltie was adopted by Paige's family for the first time on August 26, that day was chosen as International Dog Day - and ever since, dog lovers can't wait for the - quite literal - dog days of summer every August.

The Dogs of Cascadia Kids

For now, we get to share a cute collage of all the sweet dogs from our office. We also encourage anyone hoping to adopt a new pet to visit the animal shelter in Seattle.

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