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Pain-Free Laser Dentistry

At Cascadia Kids Dentistry, we know how important it is to ensure that your child receives pain-free treatment. We want every patient to enjoy their time at our office, and that’s why we’ve invested in laser dental tools to keep your child comfortable during common dental procedures. The power and precision of laser tools helps us give your child the best possible dental experience along with the best treatment outcomes.

How It Works

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Pain Relief

Compared to traditional dental tools like drills and scalpels, laser tools cause much less pain and discomfort. There are no uncomfortable vibrations, and the high-intensity laser minimizes pain.

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Laser frenectomies with our Soft Tissue Diode Laser cause little-to-no pain or discomfort. Compared to traditional frenectomies, laser frenectomies are faster, heal more quickly, and cause less discomfort.


A frenectomy is a restorative treatment that may be required for your child if they have a tongue or lip tie (also known as tethered oral tissues). Tongue and lips ties must be diagnosed by a pediatrician or a speech-language pathologist, but the issues are characterized by difficulties speaking, breastfeeding, and chewing.

The lingual frenulum is the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, and the labial frenula connect the upper and lower lips to the gums. At our office, we use laser tools to snip these bands of tissue in a process called a “frenectomy.” This restores the natural range of motion of your child’s lips and tongue, which eliminates the negative side effects of tongue and lip ties.

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Lesion Removal

At our office, we can also use laser tools to remove painful oral lesions in children of all ages. Cold sores, for example, can be removed with laser dental tools without any pain or discomfort. Canker sores can be removed in the same way.

Serious cold sores or canker sores can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and may take weeks to heal properly. By removing the sore, we can speed up the healing process and provide relief for your child. In most cases, it is not even necessary to numb the treatment area. Laser therapy seals up the tissue in the treatment area, which prevents bleeding and seals nerve endings, eliminating pain.

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