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Keep Your Little One Comfortable

At Cascadia Kids Dentistry, our goal is to provide kids of all ages with a safe, comfortable, and even fun dental experience! That’s why we’re always here to help kids with dental anxiety get the treatment they need. Our board-certified pediatric dentists have a lot of experience managing anxiety in kids of all ages, and we even offer sedation dentistry to help your child relax during their appointment. Schedule a consultation in Issaquah right away to get the help your little one needs.

How It Works

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Meet with a dentist

First, you and your little one will come to meet a board-certified pediatric dentist at Cascadia Kids Dentistry. Your dentist can discuss your child’s fears with them and with you, and they can get more familiar with the dentist and our office. This is very helpful when it comes to managing dental anxiety.

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Discuss your options

Sedation is not always necessary, but we do offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) sedation for most kids, and we have deeper sedation options available, too. If you opt for sedation, you will need to discuss your little one’s health history and any medications or supplements they are taking. This will ensure they can be sedated safely.

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Get the care your child needs

Whether you opt for sedation or your little one gets care without being sedated, our gentle, caring dentists and welcoming environment will ensure your child feels comfortable, cared for, and safe. We pride ourselves on providing excellent care for each child that walks into our door.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Our preferred sedation method for kids is laughing gas sedation (nitrous oxide). This is because it doesn’t require any pills or needles. Your child will simply wear a comfortable nose mask, and breathe deeply through their nose as instructed by their dentist.

They will inhale nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that will quickly spread through their bloodstream. This gas introduces feelings of euphoria and happiness, reduces anxiety, and also helps eliminate pain when paired with local anesthesia.

Best of all, it wears off after about 5 minutes once your child’s treatment is done, so you can go back to your day-to-day routine right away, and even send your little one back to school after their appointment.

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Other Sedation Options

Laughing gas sedation is usually our preferred method of sedation at our office. For most kids, our gentle approach combined with nitrous oxide provides plenty of relief from anxiety and will let your little one have a better experience at Cascadia Kids Dentistry.

However, we also offer oral conscious sedation and IV sedation, which use powerful anti-anxiety drugs. Your child may fall asleep or forget most of what happens during their procedure, but they will remain conscious and can be woken up if necessary.

We even provide general anesthesia for extremely complex or challenging oral surgeries, or kids who may be very nervous or who have special needs. Your child will be unconscious throughout their procedure. However, this is usually a last resort option since the process is much more complex, and your child will need a ventilator to help them breathe.

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