How To Manage Your Child's Dental Anxiety – Our Top Tips

Seeing the dentist can be quite scary for kids, but at Cascadia Kids Dentistry, we do everything we can to help kids feel comfortable, even if they have dental anxiety. That’s why our dental team is here with a few tips and recommendations to help your kids feel safer at the dentist’s office. Read on, and see how you can help your child get through their dental appointment more easily. 

1. Establish Good Brushing Habits

First, it’s important to establish good brushing habits. This helps your child learn more about the importance of dentistry, and also helps reduce the risk of oral health issues like cavities, which will require treatments like fillings or crowns to resolve.

It may be a good idea to watch some videos or get some children’s books from the library about dentistry and oral hygiene. Kids love learning, and if they know a little bit about dentistry and why it matters, they’re less likely to feel scared.

2. Use Positive Language & Avoid Words Like “Hurt”

Always maintain a good attitude about your child’s dentist appointment. Reassure them that it will be a positive experience, and never use negative words like “hurt” “pain” or “shot.” Kids tend to latch onto these words and then may start to feel more anxious about their appointment. 

3. Plan Something Fun After Their Dental Appointment

You could take your child to the store to get a little toy or treat, get them a happy meal at McDonald’s, or just take them to the park to play on the swings or the slide. Doing something fun after your child’s appointment gives them something to look forward to, and makes the experience feel more positive overall.

4. Bring A Comfort Item Like A Favorite Toy Or Blanket

Just about every kid has some kind of “comfort item” like a favorite toy, a stuffed animal, or a blanket. Bring one or more of these items with you to your child’s appointment, and let them hold onto it during their procedure. This will help them feel more safe and comfortable during their appointment at Cascadia Kids Dentistry.

5. Consider Laughing Gas For Your Child

Laughing gas sedation is extremely minimal, and wears off after only a few minutes. It lets your child feel safe, comfortable, and happy during their appointment, and can also help with things like fear of needles or an overly-strong gag reflex. 

If your child is really nervous or scared of a dentist appointment, laughing gas from Cascadia Kids Dentistry in Issaquah may be right for them. We offer laughing gas for all procedures and appointments, even teeth cleanings and oral exams! 

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