How to Teach Your Child to Floss

Teaching your child healthy dental habits is one of the best ways parents can make sure their child’s smile is happy and healthy long-term!

But, it’s fair to say that dental hygiene isn’t exactly the most fun activity so the little ones often have a difficult time getting through it. While you might have gotten the teeth brushing technique down, introducing a new healthy habit like flossing can make you feel like you’re right back where you started.

Not to worry! Cascadia Kids Dentistry has prepared a few tips on how you can teach your child how to floss.

Why Is Flossing Necessary?

Flossing is widely recommended by dentists both for adults and children because it can remove some food particles and bacteria in-between the teeth. Unfortunately, even with a perfect brushing technique, the toothbrush alone is not able to really get everything out of the way.

Flossing, therefore, completes the at-home dental hygiene routine and can protect the child’s teeth from plaque and tartar building, which can increase their risks of gum disease. 

How to Convince Your Child to Floss

If you’re about to introduce flossing to your child, check out these tips that can make the process a lot smoother:

Tell Them Why They Need It 

Explain to your child the importance of flossing, and that it’s not just a thing you’re making them do for no reason. Tell them how flossing can help keep their teeth strong and their smile brighter!

Show and Tell

Children learn by imitating their parents, so the best thing you can do to start nurturing healthy dental habits is to floss and brush your teeth with them. Start by showing how to properly floss their teeth by taking the string and gently gliding it between the teeth to remove extra food.

After they understand the technique, it’s time to let them try it!

Make It Fun

Playing music is a great way to make flossing more engaging and fun for the little ones who get bored easily.

Create a Reward System

If fun doesn’t work, reward your child for their flossing, like offering them a sticker every time they floss or taking them to their favorite park after a full week of flossing. 

Let Them Choose the Floss They Want

Floss can come in different colors and even flavors, so your child might want a specific one to choose! Take them shopping with you and allow them to pick the floss they want. 

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